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6 Business Ideas To Look Into As Lockdown Ease (2021)

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 As businesses begin to open up again as lockdown ease in the UK, we look at 6 business ideas to look into in 2021. We have been told, it’s all in the news – coronavirus will leave with us for a while. At least till a tested vaccine is confirmed and that’s been predicted to take up to 18 months. Some states in the US, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland to mention a few have all relaxed some of the lockdown restrictions placed upon the public some weeks. Germany for example, had football matches yesterday in closed stadiums and Australia has relaxed lockdown measures such that bars/pubs can reopen whilst maintain social distancing. As the public adjusts to this new way of living, we take a look at some industries that may likely see a boom in trading or operations as coronavirus still a worry for most countries of the world. These industries we look at as a result of the public demands in relation to social distancing and lockdown measures whi
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Employers Must Make Reasonable Adjustments Or Pay The Price.

You may have come across this article because of the latest announcement made by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson about relaxing the lockdown measures. The announcement caused divisions in the public with many confused as to how things will work. Even the UK government are not in agreement over the new message been changed from STAY HOME SAVE LIVES to STAY ALERT. The Scottish first Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stressed the "stay at home" message remains in place and has disapproved the stay home message from the any Scottish media outlets.  As it stands, only England will be following the new message “Stay Alert”. The news came with unclear instructions on which business can reopen. Today the Prime Minister answered some questions about what to do and how to get by. You should only go back to work if you cannot work from home and try to do so by avoiding public transport as much as you can. Employers are expected to follow some guidelines on making this place safe

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing HR And Avoid Employment Tribunal Fees

As people lose their jobs, same way businesses shutdown daily due to financial factors such as high running cost. Outsourcing some sort of functions of the company has become more popular way of reducing business overheads. Some would argue that its more expensive if you are a small to medium sized company to outsource certain functions such as the IT department or logistics. Businesses can almost outsource anything which isn't strategic to its core of it's business. Most companies now outsource their Accounting and IT department. No doubts you can cut your overhead cost by outsourcing but would it be cheaper to outsource the HR department? After all, you may be able to do with just a single personnel handling the HR side and also double as your administrator. One can really suggest that if its a small company, you can get by recruiting just one person dealing with the HR side of the business. Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your HR Function. Save on Salary Let’s star

6 Ways To Keep Your Job During Lay-off.

There’s always the workplace gossip or should I say, office chat. Employers know its bad and must always try to discourage this within their workforce. You may be feeling insecure about your job because the news is going round that the board/employer have plans to make some roles redundant or maybe only your role is going to be made redundant. It’s a negative feeling, a bad counter-productive agent that will steal an employee’s mental well-being. Even though it may be just a rumour, with the current pandemic situation in the world, this article might just help you keep or save a job. But if it’s an inevitable job loss; we look at a few steps you might want to consider. 1. Self Evaluation. Do you know it’s a good practice to always review oneself periodically whether in your career, relationship, spirituality, as a parent, a boss, even as a priest? Self evaluation is a key factor to self development. We can’t have a solution if there’s no problem. Redundancy must be in a

How Can I Keep My Job By Spending?

Can I keep my job by just spending? Probably not just like that. The Office for Budget Responsibility, the Treasury’s official forecaster, warned that UK Gross Domestic Product could fall by 35 per cent in the coming months due to the coronavirus lockdown.  The world economy looks like it’s a on the brink of recession. Unemployment is on the rise, businesses temporarily shut as a result of lockdown measures, some of which may not reopen anytime soon. Just as you are worried about the future of the economy, here are the  Government’s plan to get the economy back up and running. Government’s Role in a Recession – The Built-in Stabiliser. An in-built stabiliser is “any aspect of government taxation and expenditure policies that automatically reduces government expenditure and/or increases government tax revenue when income and output are increasing, or that automatically increases government expenditure and/or reduces government tax revenue when income and output are fal

Working From Home, The Unhealthy Society

Working From Home in Today's World. With working from home our new way of earning a living, we have had to adjust to the way we shop in supermarkets and our kid’s new teacher is the parent. Many would prefer to even shop for groceries online but where are the slots home delivery? Wedding photographers now taking pictures of their neighbourhood, DJs throwing parties from roofs their homes, care workers living away from home, this is not us. After our physiological needs (food, water) and safety needs (security, safety) are met, the next need we push for is the psychological needs. Our need to socialize is why some people just can’t stay home during this lockdown, defying the government directions to stay home. But a lot of us are adjusting well this new way.   Are Things Going To Go Back To The Old Ways? It may be too early to start to talk about tomorrow. As of today, over 200,000 people worldwide has died and it is estimated that over 400,000 may be closer to the real figure.

Employment Tribunal Proceedings, ET1 Claims To Final Hearing

Employment tribunal proceedings that goes through to final hearing will normally take between one year to 2 years. It depends on location and other factors not including a situation such as a pandemic. I have explained what to expect if you are prepared to go all the way to the final hearing.  Early Conciliation All employment tribunal proceedings must start with Acas, The claim starts with the claimant getting the early conciliation number without it, claimant will not be able submit an ET1 form. You must have started this process with Acas and an appointed Conciliator would have tried to work things between you and your employer. You must have submitted your claim to Acas within your limitation date. Limitation date is the period in which you can bring a claim to the Employment Tribunal and this is defined as 3 months less one day at which the incident occurred. Your conciliator will try to work things out between you and your employer with a month. He/she may extend it by 2