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5 Ways To Become A Software Tester With No Prior Knowledge

5 Ways To Become A Software Tester With No Prior Knowledge

So the country is still on lockdown and you have probably gone through every episode of “Ozark” “How to Get Away with Murder” watched all the movies you can possibly watch or if you are a gamer, bored with your console already. Maybe you can add a few more skills till we get out of the lockdown. It might be an opportunity for you to get into a new job or switch careers. If you can read from this page right now then with the right mind, you can also get into the IT sector. If you follow these steps, you will be alright. 

Step 1 on how to become a software tester.

Visit this website here for readings into what you need to know about software testing. You do not know everything but just the basics. This will prepare you for the interviews. The plan is to set the foundation for you to start as a Manual Software Tester. 

Step 2  on how to become a software tester.

Watch and learn how to use Gira Software. This software used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. It is not a difficult software to learn how to use. You will even find it easier to master than Microsoft Excel. 
A good website to learn this is the youTube which is free. You can also enroll for courses on websites like Udemy.

Step 3 on how to become a software tester

Get your resume ready and in bio, state that you are looking for manual software testing role. The easiest way you can build your CV is by searching online for a good sample and editing it. What duties should be on there? Your answer is the job vacancies you find. Update your CV with the task required of the job listed. Avoid lies, I know a lot of people do that but you could get caught during the interview and too many interview failures are bad for your confidence. 
Many employers are willing to train you. There is no harm in selling responsibilities on your CV to earn the interview call. 

Step 4 on how to become a software tester.

Do not look at the salary of the new entrants. You will probably have to settle for companies who are not looking to pay big bucks but are willing to train you on the job. These companies have high employee turnover because you will most likely leave within 6 - 9 months. 

Step 5.

Have mastered your skills on the basics? Do not hold back. Start watching youtube videos on how to learn automation skills. This is where the money is. You need to have some Java or Python knowledge and you can learn it at your pace. Remember, you are starting as a Manual Software Tester. 

In summary, even though the average earnings for a Software Engineer or a Software Tester is between $40,000 to $50,000, it is advisable to take a step at a time. Try the new entrant roles which offer you low salary but its a win-win for both parties. They will offer to train you on the job and you earn a bigger salary as you gain the experience and knowledge of the tools a software tester uses. 

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