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Covid 19 - Adjusting To The New Norm.

Covid 19 -  Adjusting To The New Norm. 

Difficult times around the world. We are worried about how the world economy will bounce back from this. Record high on unemployment figures around the world. Many companies have made their staffs redundant. Big loses in major industries especially travel and leisure sectors, even though it affects practically all industries with the exception of the key sectors keeping our health ticking. 

You are not alone in this. In the UK, the government has taken some measures to support the large number of employees through job retention schemes and also backing self employed individuals through grants. Also, there is the government backed loan available new or existing business owner. Likewise in the US, the government has just passed new $483bn stimulus plan ‘to protect families, small business’ The same thing in Germany and the European Union. We may be in different regions or nation, we will fight this together even if it means "printing money". Printing Money? Yes. In economics I learnt that in situations such as this, governments are allowed to print money but to a layman, they tell the press its borrowing. One way or the other we will have to pay it back through increase taxes and interest rates. 

Enough been said about economies or money printing my point is, no nation will be alone in this. So if you have been furloughed or made redundant, you will get up. There's life after that. Seek help, do not stay quiet. Try some of the government schemes. Avoid watching the news to often as it can affect your mental health. 

Stay healthy with YouTube video exercises (which helps your mood) and eating right, learn a new skill on YouTube platform or Udemy, you can also discover a new hobby you never you had like baking, TikTok app can be fun too. Make sure you get out of the lockdown with something positive. 
You may never get this opportunity again to learn a new language, IT skills or even writing. You just have to dig in deep and you will find something interesting to keep you engaged. 
You can also watch lots of feel good series on streaming platforms many of which will give you free trial. Here is an article I wrote about interesting TV series you can watch.