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6 Business Ideas To Look Into As Lockdown Ease (2021)

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021

As businesses begin to open up again as lockdown ease in the UK, we look at 6 business ideas to look into in 2021.

We have been told, it’s all in the news – coronavirus will leave with us for a while. At least till a tested vaccine is confirmed and that’s been predicted to take up to 18 months. Some states in the US, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland to mention a few have all relaxed some of the lockdown restrictions placed upon the public some weeks. Germany for example, had football matches yesterday in closed stadiums and Australia has relaxed lockdown measures such that bars/pubs can reopen whilst maintain social distancing.
As the public adjusts to this new way of living, we take a look at some industries that may likely see a boom in trading or operations as coronavirus still a worry for most countries of the world. These industries we look at as a result of the public demands in relation to social distancing and lockdown measures which may be active for most countries in a while towards the end of 2020.  
Here is our 6 industries listed:

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 - Information Technology

Even at the peak of the virus, society depended so much on the IT department to keep the economy going. We take our groceries for example. A lot of supermarkets had to make quick adjustments to their online store to quickly adjust to the way we shop. Most had to adjust to vulnerable shoppers and also changes were made to how customers can shop such as quantities that can be purchased. These are just the little changes we as shoppers can notice but it goes more than that.

These supermarkets had their IT teams working round the clock from the front end of their website to the back-end of it. A lot is going on behind the scenes for many companies, even the NHS trusts have their IT working throughout this pandemic.
It is expected that many more companies will follow suit. As lock-down measures ease up, many firms will be trying to either update the way they do business to accommodate the current situation or probably set a new IT system that allows them to maximize their earning. Primark does not have an online presence and is losing millions every day as a result of the pandemic. I expect that to change anytime soon.
There would be new mobile and desktop applications all designed to work with the new way of living. Some firms or individuals will seize the moment to create new apps that require people to move less and get things that would usually require movement. Employers are expected to acquire applications that will allow their employees to do their work from home. I feel that the IT sector will see big movements and as such it will be an industry that will see lots of financial gains for those that can seize the opportunity.

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 - Health

This is the easiest pick of them all. It’s no rocket science why the biggest need at this pandemic hour is our health workers. My heart goes out to those that have lost their lives to the Covid 19 outbreak but if it wasn’t for the brave health workers all over the world, the death figures would have been much worse. Just 6-7 weeks ago the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a public plea for health workers to support his state as New York City faced the worst coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

6 Business Ideas To Look Into

It is expected that even after the pandemic episodes are over, all over the world, there would huge demand for health workers. Most countries were overwhelmed with the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak not because they did not know that the outbreak will hit them but because they were ill-prepared on factors like PPE but also, they did not have enough personal to absorb the pressure.  Suppliers of health workers will expect a boost in demand as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak and also, the manufacturers of health equipment.

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 - Cosmetics Manufacturers

In just a few days, hand sanitizers and disinfectants were sold out in most supermarkets worldwide. Regular hand washes have been the worldwide message and our hygiene is now more than ever a key factor to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We should expect new products in the market as the lock-down measures ease. I personally never really got used to the idea of hand cream. I have oily skin and my hand is usually moist. However, I have come to understand the need to have a hand sanitizer in the pocket when out and about.
There are already new products been sold in the high stores now with a mixture of moisturizer and sanitizer. More of these products will flood the market soon as we have more people go out of their homes. Like sanitizers, disinfectants are selling quickly in stores. I expect more companies to move into this industry this year. Our hygiene will be more important than it used to be and producers of products such as - disinfectant cream, moisturizers, hand wash, sanitizers, and other related products will profit from this need.

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 - Pharmaceutical Industry

You should not believe anything just because you read it online. A report was going round as to why the coronavirus mortality rate is higher in the ethnic minority in countries like the US and UK linked to lack of vitamin D. This has not been proven but it is true that a dark skin person will spend more time than a light skin person in the sun to generate the amount of vitamin d.  And in the current lock-down, more people may need to take vitamin d supplements to meet their daily vitamin needs.
The demand for Vitamin d, Paracetamol, and other Vitamin supplements will higher than it was before. More families are more cautious of their health needs and the only known way to beat the coronavirus at the moment is through our immune system. The demand for these products will definitely profit the pharmaceutical industry.

Just a few days ago Gilead Sciences, a pharmaceutical company that developed Remdesivir, a drug that has been touted to speed up recovery of Covid-19, gave licenses to 5 pharmaceutical companies to produce the drug and supply to about 127 countries. This is just what it is to come for pharmaceutical companies. Even though there’s been a cry out by the public against extortion by these companies, the most likely outcome is government subsidies in places where health care is not free.

Although it does appear that at this stage of the pandemic, the cost of this drug will be fully absorbed by the governments.  

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 - Print Industry

This is a surprise entry on my list. The print industry is one of the sectors with little barrier entry and highly competitive. Many companies have gone bust due to low-profit margin as more customers are going digital and electronic mail replaces paper mail. I do expect a boom for those small-medium size firms who do signage.

6 Business Ideas To Look Into - Print

When you go to your stores you see displayed information on how things will be done, direction on a one-way system in place, and so on. Some markings are done on the floor as well on boards and this may be how we will do our daily business for the next 18 months at least.

6 Business Ideas To Look Into In 2021 - Delivery / Logistics

Amazon announced last month that it will hire about 75,000 more workers after initially filling 100,000 posts in March 2020. The number includes both factory and driver workers. It is not only Amazon that has experienced this surge in demand; courier and logistics companies have all had a huge demand for their services.
Last month, I had to pick up my car which was about 25 miles from home. It had been at a painter workshop for a couple of weeks. I had to pay a logistics company to pick it for me. I did not want to risk using public transport and this was the safest way of getting my car.

This is just another example of how logistics will benefit from the social distancing measures that will continue to be in place even as lock-down measures ease.
UkmotorDirectory, a website is solely for the motor industry as also seen a surge in logistics business registration. In some development, crimes relating to car parts theft are been stolen and shipped abroad. This has also created a push demand for vehicle repairs at mechanic garages due to vehicle damage or MOT renewal.

To sum it all up, there is uncertainty around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic but these industries are most likely to see a surge in business activities.

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